Sentence Examples

  • Another series of instruments, introduced by Cooke and Wheatstone in 1840, and generally known as " Wheatstone's step-by-step letter-showing " or " ABC instruments," were worked out with great ingenuity of detail by Wheatstone in Great Britain and by Breguet and others in France.
  • Such an expression as a l b 2 -a 2 b i, which is aa 2 ab 2 aa x 2 2 ax1' is usually written (ab) for brevity; in the same notation the determinant, whose rows are a l, a 2, a3; b2, b 2, b 3; c 1, c 2, c 3 respectively, is written (abc) and so on.
  • Determinant factors (abc), (abd), (bce), etc...., and other factors az, bx, cx,...
  • We can see that (abc)a x b x c x is not a covariant, because it vanishes identically, the interchange of a and b changing its sign instead of leaving it unchanged; but (abc) 2 is an invariant.
  • The simplest invariant is S = (abc) (abd) (acd) (bcd) cf degree 4, which for the canonical form of Hesse is m(1 -m 3); its vanishing indicates that the form is expressible as a sum of three cubes.

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