Sentence Examples

  • History became the servant to literature, an adjunct to the classics.
  • An adjunct of prime importance, which is necessary to their use, is an accurate clock, beating seconds.
  • From 1894 to 1902 he was at the university of Texas as adjunct professor of political science, professor (after 1900), and dean of the faculty (after 1899).
  • He was a celebrated gourmet, and his dinners were utilized by Napoleon as a useful adjunct to the arts of statecraft.
  • But, whereas the new scholarch, confining himself to the detailed examination of natural kinds, attempted no comprehensive explanation of the universe, Aristotle held that a theory of its origin, its motions, and its order was a necessary adjunct to the classificatory sciences; and in nearly all his references to Speusippus he insists upon this fundamental difference of procedure.

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