Sentence Examples

  • He rose and, with methodical patience, swirled the trench around him, placed the sword on the inside with an array of other weaponry, and then stalked to the door.
  • Brady met her gaze again, taking in the array of emotions crossing her features.
  • He contributed £600 to the proposed Irish campaign and £500 for raising forces in England - large sums from his small estate - and on his own initiative in July 1642 sent arms of the value of £ioo down to Cambridge, seized the magazine there in August, and prevented the king's commission of array from being executed in the county, taking these important steps on his own authority and receiving subsequently indemnity by vote of the House of Commons.
  • In January 1643 he seized the royalist high sheriff of Hertfordshire in the act of proclaiming the king's commission of array at St Albans; in February he was at Cambridge taking measures for the defence of the town; in March suppressing royalist risings at Lowestoft and Lynn; in April those of Huntingdon, when he also recaptured Crowland from the king's party.
  • "No physical science can array a tithe of the mass of evidence by which psychism" (i.e.

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