Sentence Examples

  • Rev. (1889); Meliarakes, IvTopta Tou f ao X Iov NLeaLas Kal SeaIIor6Tov T1] S 'Hiretpov, pp. 539-627 (Athens, 1898).
  • The carriage-road from Athens to Thebes crosses the range by a picturesque defile (the pass of Dryoscephalae, "Oak-heads"), which was at one time guarded on the Attic side by a strong fortress, the ruins of which are known as Ghyphto-kastro ("Gipsy Castle").
  • The best known of these is that of Dryoscephalae, which must then, as slow, have been the direct route from Athens to Thebes.
  • Two other passes, farther to the west, were crossed by the roads from Plataea to Athens and to Megara respectively.
  • HERACLIDES PONTICUS, Greek philosopher and miscellaneous writer, born at Heraclea in Pontus, flourished in the 4th century B.C. He studied philosophy at Athens under Speusippus, Plato and Aristotle.

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