Sentence Examples

  • Beudant in 1824) also has reference to the azure-blue colour; the name chessylite, also in common use, is of later date (1852), and is from the locality, Chessy near Lyons, which has supplied the best crystallized specimens of the mineral.
  • Sugar and maize; lemons, apricots and melons; cotton, muslin and damask; lilac and purple (azure and gules are words derived Fulk of Anjou, = Melisinda Alice = Bohemund II.
  • The voiced sound to this is generally written z as in azure, but sometimes s as in pleasure.
  • Watery solution of iodine imparts to it a deep mahogany-brown colour; iodine and sulphuric acid occasionally, but not always, an azure-blue, methylviolet, a brilliant rose-pink and methyl-green gives a reaction very much like that of methyl-violet, but not so vivid.
  • 4, 242, "Purple and azure, white and green, and golden" (and inserted by Rossetti); Prince Athanase, 150 sqq.

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