Sentence Examples

  • The balance is adjusted by shunting either AD or BD with a box, S, containing 20 to Ioo ohms. All the wires in the quadrilateral must be of the same metal as AB, to avoid accidental thermoelectric effects which would obscure the result.
  • He proclaimed the right of property as appertaining to the state, that is, to the whole community; BD.~eUf the doctrine of equality as absolutely opposed to social inequality of any kindthat of property as well as that of rank; and finally the ina4equacy of the solution of the agrarian question, which had profited scarcely any one, save a new class of privileged individuals.
  • B 0 c relatively to the fixed, ~ ___a 4 - link a, a fact indicated o o ~ by the suffix ac placed bd ti after the letter 0.
  • Set off ab = ac = 1/2p. Draw radii bd, Ce; draw fb, cg, making angles of e 753/4 with those radii.
  • As a simple example, take the case of a light frame, whose bars form the slides of a rhombus ABCD with the diagonal BD, suspended from A and carrying a weight W at C; and let it be required to find the stress in BD.

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