Sentence Examples

  • A binary form which has a square factor has its discriminant equal to zero.
  • As regards simultaneous binary forms, the system of two quadratics, and of any number of quadratics, is alluded to above and has long been known.
  • A distinction was formerly made between double stars of which the components were in revolution around each other, and those in which no relative motion was observed; but it is now considered that all double stars must really be binary systems.
  • Thus, the affinity of hydrogen and oxygen for each other is extremely powerful, much heat being developed by the combination of these two elements; when binary compounds of oxygen are decomposed by the electric current, the oxygen invariably appears at the positive pole, being negative to all other elements, but the hydrogen of hydrogen compounds is always disengaged at the negative pole.
  • The nomenclature of acids follows the same general lines as that for binary compounds.

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