Sentence Examples

  • The first paper of Maxwell's in which an attempt at an admissible physical theory of electromagnetism was made was communicated to the Royal Society in 1867.
  • It is on the service that he rendered to science in establishing the relations between electricity and magnetism, and in developing the science of electromagnetism, or, as he called it, electrodynamics, that Ampere's fame mainly rests.
  • The applied mathematical sciences of light, electricity and electromagnetism, ' Cf.
  • Thomson (afterwards Lord Kelvin) in 1849 that while no physical evidence could be adduced in support of the hypothesis, certain discoveries, especially in electromagnetism, rendered it extremely improbable (Reprint, p. 344).
  • This discovery constituted the foundation of electromagnetism, and its publication in 1820 was immediately followed by A.

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