Sentence Examples

  • Ment, with corruption and embezzlement in the treasury.
  • The law student now had a secure job with the firm and any future episodes of embezzlement had been discouraged.
  • The occasion of the letter was a case of embezzlement, the guilty individual being a presbyter at Philippi.
  • Under the Consulate, however, he was accused of embezzlement and recalled; and, though the charge was proved to be false, was not reinstated.
  • The courts over which the praetors presided, in addition to those of the city praetor and the foreign praetor, dealt with the following offences: oppression of the provincials by governors (repetundarum), bribery (ambitus), embezzlement (peculatus), treason (majestatis), murder (de sicariis et veneficis), and probably forgery (falsi).

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