Sentence Examples

  • Like many of my contemporaries, I had rarely for many years used animal food, or tea, or coffee, etc.; not so much because of any ill effects which I had traced to them, as because they were not agreeable to my imagination.
  • (From 1875 onwards the balance of trade had been in favour of Austria; in 1907 it turned against her, and from this time the adverse balance showed a steady increase until 1913, when it slightly diminished.) According to the census of 1910, out of 16 million persons following an occupation 8.5 millions were engaged in agriculture and forestry, 3.6 in industr y, 1 6 in commerce and transport, 2.3 in the public services, liberal professions, etc. Agriculture is thus the basis of economic existence for the greater part of the population; and the favourable crop statistics for the last years preceding the war, and especially the record harvest of the year 1912, must have had a beneficial influence upon the economic situation.
  • When the poor see people like themselves (in terms of race, religion, age, gender, etc.) getting ahead, they buy into the legitimacy of the system more. 5.
  • Cattle were hired for ploughing, working the watering-machines, carting, threshing, etc. The Code fixed a statutory wage for sowers, ox-drivers, field-labourers, and hire for oxen, asses, &c.
  • The use of non-foodstuffs, or cellulosic materials, such as grasses, reeds, straws, peat, waste wood, sawdust, etc., is not yet possible, for, although research work is in progress to discover a process that could be worked on a commercial basis in those regions where such materials exist in sufficient abundance, it has not so far led to any definite results.

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