Sentence Examples

  • The third room is filled with my wizard mad scientist husband's electronic hub bub of messy experiments.
  • The radio bit was some weeks earlier and he felt the hub-bub had blown over.
  • After good times and hard times and a number of renovations, it is once again a major New England travel hub, second only to Logan Airport where I'd just left my wife Even the iconic clock on the front of the building with its twelve foot face, styled after Big Ben, has been restored and running again.
  • Heart pounding hard, she turned to face her destination: the command hub, where all emergency operations and critical infrastructure back-up networks and systems for the East Coast were routed in a time of crisis.
  • The command hub held a dozen workstations, one for each eastern critical infrastructure, and a wall secured behind titanium glass of keypads, buttons, and computer screens that acted as the emergency backup.

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