Sentence Examples

  • A-D are stages common to both; from D arises the hydrotheca (E) or the gonotheca (F); th, theca; st, stomach; 1, tentacles; m, mouth; mb, medusa-buds.
  • Q, Sac containing nutritive mb, Mantle-skirt.
  • 20 and 30 (mb) had special names; 40-90 were named as if plurals of the units 4-9, as in Semitic. 100, fat; 1000, ~,; 10,000, zb; 100,000, lifnw.
  • Expressing this condition we obtain mb = 1/ nc = o as the relation which must hold between the co-efficients of the above equation and the sides of the triangle of reference for the equation to represent a parabola.
  • The memory for that computer cost me $40 per MB, just under $200.

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