Sentence Examples

  • Hence, finally, the resultant is expressed in terms of the coefficients of the three equations, and since it is at once seen to be of degree mn in the coefficient of the third equation, by symmetry it must be of degrees np and pm in the coefficients of the first and second equations respectively.
  • We take a fixed line OX, usually drawn horizontally; for each value of X we measure a length or abscissa ON equal to x.L, and draw an ordinate NP at right angles to OX and equal to the corresponding value of y .
  • The assemblage of ordinates NP is then the graph of Y.
  • Y is represented by the length of the ordinate NP, so that the representation is cardinal; but this ordinate really corresponds to the point N, so that the representation of X is ordinal.
  • Now if k denotes the component of absolute velocity in a direction fixed in space whose direction cosines are 1, m, n, k=lu+mv+nw; (2) and in the infinitesimal element of time dt, the coordinates of the fluid particle at (x, y, z) will have changed by (u', v', w')dt; so that Dk dl, do dt dt dt dt + dtw +1 (?t +u, dx +v, dy +w, dz) +m (d +u dx + v dy +w' dz) dw, dw +n (dt ?dx+v?dy +w dz) But as 1, m, n are the direction cosines of a line fixed in space, dl= m R-n Q, d m = nP-lR an =1Q-mP dt dt ' dt ' so that Dk __ du, du, du, du dt l (dt -vR+ wQ+u + v dy + w dz) +m(..

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