Sentence Examples

  • Electrolytic copper should contain at least 99.92% of metallic copper, the balance consisting mainly of oxygen with not more than o oi% in all of lead, arsenic, antimony, bismuth and silver.
  • The maximum number of "rainy" days (with a rainfall of more than o oi in.) rarely approaches ioo at the most unfortunate locality; for the whole state the average of perfectly "clear" days is normally above 50%, of "partly cloudy" above 30, of "cloudy" under 20, of "rainy" still less.
  • Then the equal components, along the line of connection, of the velocities of the points where those perpendiculars meet that line are airi cos 0i = afri cos Oi; consequently, the comparative motion of the pieces is given by the equation ai_rieos0i ~I
  • Application to a Shifting Piece and a Turning Piece.Let a shifting piece be connected with a turning piece, and at a given instant let ai be the angular velocity of the turning piece, r~ the common perpendicular of its axis of rotation and the line of connection, Oi the angle made by the line of connection with the plane of rotation, Oi the angle made by the line of connection with the direction of motion 01 the shifting piece, v2 the linear velocity -of that piece.
  • Then airf dos OiVi cos Oi; (16)

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