Sentence Examples

  • It is readily transformed into a solid polymer, probably (CH 2: NOH)3.
  • Heated above its melting point it polymerizes to di-cyandiamide (CN2H2)2, which at 150° C. is transformed into the polymer n-tri-cyantriamide or melamine (CN 2 H 2) 3, the mass solidifying.
  • Both these compounds on heating give phosphomonamide, PON, of which a polymer (PON) 2 had been described by Oddo (Gazz.
  • The properties of caoutchouc clearly show, however, that its actual molecular structure is considerably more complex than is represented by the empirical formula, and that it is to be regarded as the polymer of a terpene or similar hydrocarbon and composed of a cluster of at least ten or twenty molecules of the formula C5H8.
  • Metacrolein, (C 3 H 4 0) 3, is a polymer of acrolein.

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