Sentence Examples

  • Yeah, yeah, quit your nagging.
  • The super-demon bowed his head and left.  Darkyn watched him go then looked again at the hourglass.  He hadn't expected Death to quit, but she was about to give him a new window of opportunity, one that might be more powerful.  He might soon take over the underworld and its army of souls.    
  • I guess I'll just have to quit school then.
  • Every year more than half the adult males (in some districts three-fourths of the men and one-third of the women) quit their homes and wander throughout Russia in search of labour.
  • Granted the men and merchants of the town the same laws and customs as they had in the time of Edward the Confessor, and that they should be quit of toll throughout England, Normandy, Aquitaine and Anjou.

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