Sentence Examples

  • Phillipi, the kangaroo-rat of the desert regions east of the Rocky Mountains, Perodipus and Microdipodops being allied genera.
  • Rat did kill baby pigeons.
  • In the water-rat and agoutis it is.
  • All rodents, with the sole exception of the dormice, have a caecum, often of great length and sacculated,, as in hares, the water-rat and porcupines; and the long colon in some, as the hamster and water-rat, is spirally twisted upon itself near the commencement.
  • Dependent on the several monasteries are twelve sketae (cnth rat) or monastic settlements, some of considerable size, in which a still more ascetic mode of life prevails: there are, in addition, several farms (Aeroxia), and many hundred sanctuaries with adjoining habitations (K€XXLa) and hermitages (fiQKrtri) pca).

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