Sentence Examples

  • They were placed by Marsh in a distinct subclass of birds,Odontornithes.
  • We conclude, therefore, that the primitive stock of the former subclass became early differentiated from that of the latter.
  • Instead of recognizing, as before, a subclass in the Ratitae of Merrem, Nitzsch now reduced them to the rank of an order under the name " Platysternae," placing them between the " Gallinaceae " and " Grallae," though admitting that in their pterylosis they differ from all other birds, in ways that he is at great pains to describe, in each of the four genera examined by him - Struthio, Rhea, Dromaeus and Casuarius.
  • Pp. 161, 162) for their reception a " subclass" Odontornithes and an order Ichthyornithes.
  • Marsh states that he had fully satisfied himself that Archaeopteryx belonged to the Odontornithes, which he thought it advisable for the present to regard as a subclass, separated into three orders - Odontolcae, Odontotormae and Saururae - all well marked, but evidently not of equal rank, the last being clearly much more widely distinguished from the first two than they are from one another.

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