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  • By this geographical name is probably meant all western Syria and Palestine with Raphia - " the (first) city of the Ka-n-`-na " - for the south-west boundary towards the desert.2 In the letters sent by governors and princes of Palestine to their Egyptian overlord 3 - commonly known as the Tel-el-Amarna tablets - we find the two forms Kinahhi and Kinahna, corresponding to Kena' and Kena`an respectively, and standing, as Ed.
  • The name of the Lycians, Lukki, is first met with in the Tel el-Amarna tablets (1400 B.C.) and in the list of the nations from the eastern Mediterranean who invaded Egypt in the reign of Mineptah, the successor of Rameses II.
  • The Bahr-ei-Ghazal.The first outbreak in favor of Mahdism in the Bahr-el-Ghazal took place at Liffi in August 1882, when the Dinka tribe, under Jango, revolted and was defeated by Lupton 33ey with considerable slaughter at Tel Gauna, and again in 1883
  • In these barracks Arabi Pasha surrendered to the British on the 14th of September 1882, the day after the battle of Tel el-Kebir.
  • On the refusal of France to co-operate, the British fleet bombarded the forts (11th July), and a British force, under Sir Garnet Wolseley, defeated Arabi on the 13th of September at Tel-el-Kebir.

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