Sentence Examples

  • Mark Twain was an outstanding figure for many years as a popular American personality in the world of letters.
  • The committee of Estates, on hard terms, gave an indemnity to Royalists whose swords they needed; many ministers acquiesced (" The Resolutioners "), the more fanatical dissidents were called " Remonstrants," and now the kirk was rent in twain by the disputes of these two factions.
  • (23) Menelek's kingdom was meanwhile torn in twain by serious dissensions, which had been instigated by his concubine Bafana.
  • They seemed about to rend the land in twain, but they really cured the English of their desperate particularism, and drove all the tribes to take as their common rulers the one great line of native kings which survived the Danish storm, and maintained itself for four generations cf desperate fighting against the invaders.
  • He was counsel for Mark Twain in settling the affairs of the publishing house of Chas.

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