Sentence Examples

  • In the 5th century, under Vandal dominion, it declined in importance.
  • By Procopius, who wrongly derives the name from several thousand Moors and Numidians who were banished to the island by the Vandal kings, while Gregory the Great speaks of them in a letter (iv.
  • For a short time by Marcellianus, but was not finally recovered until the fall of the Vandal kingdom in Africa in 534, by Cyril.
  • With 15,000 mercenaries, whom he had to train into Roman discipline, he took Carthage, defeated Gelimer the Vandal king, and carried him captive, in 534, to grace the first triumph witnessed in Constantinople.
  • Vandal, L'Avenement de Bonaparte (Paris, 1902-1903); * F.

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