Sentence Examples

  • Two polyhedra are reciprocal when the faces and vertices of one correspond to the vertices and faces of the other.
  • He discriminated the three species of conics as follows: - At one of the two vertices erect a perpendicular (talus rectum) of a certain length (which is determined below), and join the extremity of this line to the other vertex.
  • In Newton's method, two angles of constant magnitude are caused to revolve about their vertices which are fixed in position, in such a manner that the intersection of two limbs moves along a fixed straight line; then the two remaining limbs envelop a conic. Maclaurin's method, published in his Geometria organica (1719), is based on the proposition that the locus of the vertex of a triangle, the sides of which pass through three fixed points, and the base angles move along two fixed lines, is a conic section.
  • Cayley gave the formula E + 2D = eV + e'F, where e, E, V, F are the same as before, D is the same as Poinsot's k with the distinction that the area of a stellated face is reckoned as the sum of the triangles having their vertices at the centre of the face and standing on the sides, and e' is the ratio: " the angles subtended at the centre of a face by its sides /2rr."
  • The truncated tetrahedron is formed by truncating the vertices of a regular tetrahedron so as to leave the original faces hexagons.

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