Sentence Examples

  • It was a wavelength thing—we just meshed.
  • The problem of syntonic electric wave telegraphy is then to construct a transmitter and a receiver of such kind that the receiver will be affected by the waves emitted by the corresponding or syntonic transmitter, but not by waves of any other wavelength or by irregular electric impulses due to atmospheric electricity.
  • As, however, the wavelength necessary to cover any considerable distance must be at least 200 or 300 ft., it becomes impracticable to employ mirrors for reflection.
  • The refractive index of any substance varies with (1) the wavelength of the light; (2) with temperature; and (3) with the state of aggregation.
  • In general, we may say that aberration is unimportant when it nowhere (or at any rate over a relatively small area only) exceeds a small fraction of the wavelength (X).

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